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Intensive Dutch Course Eindhoven

A1 level
- Beginners
- 22 lessons
- 11 weeks/44 hours
- 10-12 participants
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Intensive Dutch Course Eindhoven

A2 level
- Semi-Intermediate
- 22 lessons
- 11 weeks/44 hours
- 10-12 participants
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Intensive Dutch Course Eindhoven

B1 level
- Intermediate
- 22 lessons
- 11 weeks/44 hours
- 10-12 participants
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Dutch Courses in Eindhoven🥇

There are many reasons to learn Dutch these days, after all, Dutch is the third most spoken Germanic language! But if you plan to live a season in the Netherlands or choose to stay, you will need professional Dutch Courses Eindhoven.

Eindhoven is a beautiful city in the Netherlands, it is known for being an attractive destination for tourists, expats and entrepreneurs, but also for its friendly people. Eindhoven is also the home of 2 million Dutch.

If there is a special place to learn Dutch is certainly this city, not only because you can count on the professionalism of the Dutch Courses Eindhoven, but because there is always something to do here, and you will have the chance to interact with professional native Dutch teachers and practice the Dutch language everywhere.

Interesting Facts About Dutch Language

1. Many of our slangs come from the Hebrew
The Netherlands, historically, has always been a land of religious tolerance, so it easily became the home of thousands of Jews from all over the world. Therefore, many of their words are now part of the Dutch culture, words like mazzel, genig, and tof are well included in our language (lucky, funny, and good).

2. Some historians consider the Dutch language as the mother of other languages
During the spread of the Dutch colonization in the 17th century, other countries had to adopt part of our language, they didn’t embrace it entirely but many of them learned it. For example, Suriname has around 500.000 Dutch speakers.

3. It’s “Dutch” not “Deutsch”
This is a fun fact, some English speakers confuse the pronunciation of the words “Dutch” with “Deutsch”, both words in the Middle ages meant “language of the people”, so there really wasn’t linguistic differences between them, even though they refer to the languages of two different countries. And to our days, some still confuse it.

Why is Learning Dutch Really Important?🥇

To the date, the Dutch language is spoken by more than 24 million people as their first language; that’s basically the entire population of Netherlands and 60% of Belgium’s. It is spoken as a second language by almost 5 million people all over the world, and the numbers keep going up.

As you may already know, learning a second or third language opens many doors in life, not only it will be easier to travel the world, but also, finding a great job position. Joining to Dutch classes Eindhoven is an advantage, and it can also be fun because you will be surrounded by new Dutch speakers and people interested in the language as well.

There’s an interesting myth surrounding the Dutch language, since so many people speak English, it is said you don’t really need Dutch to live in the Netherlands. That is half true.

If speak in English to someone in the Netherlands they will answer back in English, but if you are going to work or stay to live there for a long time, you will have to mix between the locals to cause a better impression. Not that speaking in a different language is perceived wrongly, but it is always better to talk to someone in their mother language, especially if you work in their country and no longer want to be a tourist.

Besides, there’s certain beauty in learning a new language and getting to know a different culture. It’s not the same going to watch a Dutch movie with subtitles than actually understanding what they are saying.

5 reasons to join Dutch Courses Eindhoven!🥇

1. Get a better job
Moving to the Netherlands is a great opportunity for young workers and families looking for a new kind of live. The country is doing very well in terms of health, taxes, economy, lifestyle, weather, and education, hence, many employees and students choose the Netherlands as their new long-term destination. Planning a moving like this is even easier if you are taking our Dutch Courses in Eindhoven, or pretend to take one as soon as you get here.

2. Make new friends
Dutch people are very interesting and friendly, but if you take Dutch courses Eindhoven on-site, you will get to meet new locals and friends from all over the world looking forward to learn Dutch, just like you.

3. Dutch is quite an interesting language
English speakers are used to using many vowels in their sentences, but in Dutch language there aren’t many. When taking Dutch courses Eindhoven, you will not only learn the language, but their history, why some words have a particular structure, if they mean the same in one language or another, and much more.

4. It’s a way to get to know Dutch culture
As we mentioned before, when you move to a new place you need to mingle with the locals, not only to respect their culture, but also to find out that it is quite interesting. Learning Dutch is a way to get to know Dutch people, but also enriching yourself as a person.

5. Keep your brain fresh
It’s no secret that studying keeps our brain functioning the way it’s supposed to. But learning a new language increases the levels of grey matter in our brain and improves our memory.

Why Choosing Dutch Courses Eindhoven?

First of all, moving to Eindhoven for work, vacations, or study reasons is an excellent idea. It’s an incredibly friendly and active city, especially for young Dutch students. The Dutch Courses Eindhoven are usually divided into different fields according to the student’s purpose in the city and previous experience with the language. You can find Dutch classes Eindhoven for beginners, intermediates, and business courses, all adapted to the reason you want to learn this language, so if you are coming for academic research or business reasons, you will find the exact vocabulary you need.

How are Dutch courses Eindhoven?

Nothing like old rusty teaching models, we want you to apprehend the language, not to repeat it like a parrot. We want you to feel confident about learning, not feeling nervous about the challenge that it is learning Dutch. Our professional teachers are constantly updating their teaching techniques and improving their skills.

Beginner levels start speaking both languages, English and Dutch; while the course moves on, both languages will coincide and once you are ready, all the classes will be in Dutch. Sounds scary, but we promise it’s the most successful method. Sharing a class with other people is useful to learn about interactions and to force yourself to speak Dutch at early stages, but it is quite common to find people who would rather have private classes, so you will have no issue finding this type of courses either.

And for those who are thinking about moving to the Netherlands but still have a long way through, there are special online courses.

All our class modalities have native Dutch speakers for teachers and are focused on general Dutch skills, writing, speaking, correct grammar, and preparations for Dutch examinations. Speaking of examinations, many immigrants in the Netherlands that come from other continents will have to pass the Inburgeringsexamen, which is the civic integration exam in order to get a Dutch resident permit.

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